Top 10 Red Flags for Homebuyers

When hunting for a new home, it’s essential to take caution as sellers may not always be truthful. To save time and money on hefty professional inspection fees yet still detect underlying issues with potential homes, you can start by doing your own pre-inspection first!

    • Everyone is leaving the neighborhood:

Before you move in, take a good look around the neighborhood. Even if that house looks lovely up close, are there other dwellings on the market? Ask neighbors what’s been going on – is anyone else packing their bags and leaving town? Make an informed decision now rather than regretting it later: consider whether a mass exodus could mean this area isn’t right for your home investment!

    • Mediocre Maintenance:

From the layers of roofing and plants clinging to them, it appears that whoever owns this home doesn’t put much effort into upkeeping. But surely there must be other signs of lax maintenance around? What else has been left unchecked by these negligent owners?

    • Foundation Failures:

When searching for a home, don’t forget to investigate potential foundation failures. Take the time to check out the yard grading and look carefully at any bulges or cracks in the structure of your future dwelling – anything larger than one-third inch could be an indication that costly repairs might be needed down the road. To save yourself from disaster, it is important to get your prospective house professionally inspected before signing on.

    • Bad Smells (Inside or Outside):

Take an investigative sniff of your surroundings and see what clues you can gather! If the air in or around your home is devoid of any pleasant aromas other than a few baskets overflowing with potpourri, it may be time to investigate further.

    • Faulty or Old Wiring:

Are your outlets or faceplates feeling hotter than usual? Are some switches and lights flickering erratically, while others seem completely unresponsive? It may be time to check the wiring in your home. Don’t worry if you’re not an electrician – simply take note of any signs that something is awry with the electricity supply so a professional can determine where it’s coming from!

    • Fresh Paint on One Wall:

Refresh your home with a new coat of paint! But behind the stylish new exterior could lie hidden issues like mold and water damage, so make sure to call an inspector if you sense something off in the room. Don’t let pesky problems ruin that fresh look–keep everyone safe by doing due diligence first.

    • Locked Doors and Blockades:

When taking a walkthrough of your potential future home, take notice of any closed doors or blocked-off areas. If you’re intrigued by the mystery behind these barricades, inquire about seeing them later on should you decide to pursue this property further. Don’t miss out on getting the full experience – explore every nook and cranny!

    • Foggy or Nonfunctioning Windows:

If your windows are less than sparkling, it may not just be dirt. Double-paned treasure troves of condensation can lead to foggy vistas and nonfunctioning frames – so before you start scrubbing away at the sills make sure there isn’t a moisture culprit standing in the way of your clear views!

    • Structural Walls or Floors Have Been Removed:

If you’re considering purchasing a home with an airy, open floor plan – be sure to look for signs that renovations have been done. Structural walls or floors may have been removed in order to create this space; however, if the framing has not also adjusted accordingly it can lead to dangerous shifts of weight within your house! Make sure you consult a structural engineer as part of due diligence when viewing any potential properties.

    • Bugs:

Before investing in a home, make sure to keep an eye out for pests! From scurrying rodents to pesky roaches and destructive termites – all unwelcome guests should be accounted for. A separate inspection may even be necessary just to double check no creatures are secretly trying to cause your future house harm.

Home buying is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly – and with it comes the responsibility of ensuring your new abode has been fully inspected by professionals. While shelling out money for an inspection may seem like one more expense, trust us when we say: you won’t regret it in the long run! Skimping on inspections could mean paying dearly down-the-line due to undetected issues.

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