Home Maintenance Checklist for Florida Homes

Keeping your home in tip top shape is a must! Not only does it help maintain the value of your most valued possession and ensure the safety of you and your family, but saving on repairs or replacements down the track can be just as beneficial – both for wallet AND peace of mind. We’ve created an awesome checklist to make sure that all those pesky maintenance tasks don’t slip through the cracks this year. Let’s get started having smarter homes today!


This is what you should do every month.

    • Keep your electrical outlets and circuit breakers in tip-top shape by regularly testing them! Push the “test” button on GFCI outlets to deactivate power – you’ll hear a popping sound. Then, reset it by pressing its “reset” button for smooth operation. 
    • Check AFCIs too: locate them in the electrical panel, press their test buttons until they make a noise; then switch off before switching back on again. Doing this will extend their lifespans and guarantee seamless performance from your wires every time!

Every three months you should do the following:

    • Regularly check your home’s systems to avoid costly repairs and keep it functioning smoothly. 
    • Replace the HVAC filter regularly for maximum system efficiency, 
    • Look out for stains on ceilings or around toilets that may indicate leaking pipes, clear away plants near foundation walls to discourage bugs from getting in as well as prevent water damage – also be sure not to forget about exterior faucets!
    • Finally, don’t let garage door spring maintenance leave you hanging; give them a regular oiling up so they last longer.

Seasonal Maintenance

As seasons come and go, your home needs regular attention to stay in top shape! Keep up with these necessary maintenance tasks for a hassle-free year: 

    • make sure gutters are clear of debris after the Fall leaves have dropped; 
    • book time for an HVAC system check before hot or cold weather sets in; and keep tabs on drainage systems so water doesn’t start pooling around your house during rainy spells.

Hurricane Preparation

Ready your home for the Florida hurricane season! 

    • Make sure you have all the necessary supplies, like shutters and plywood.
    • Conduct a thorough roof inspection or hire an inspector to give it extra care. 
    • Paint any areas that need attention around windows. 
    • Lastly, keep those weep hole channels cleared out so water can’t intrude on your windows during storms. Get ready – hurricane season is here!


Every year, you should complete the following:

    • Keep your home safe and functioning with these annual maintenance checks!
    • Replace smoke detector batteries and test for operation, flush out the water heater with a hose, 
    • clean dryer vents to prevent house fires and then give it an extra deep cleaning.
    • Don’t forget to pressure wash the exterior of your home too – plus have an inspection done by a professional if necessary (especially watched-out items like roofs or attics!). 
    • Also check grout in kitchen/bathroom areas; inspecting them annually can avoid costly damage from leaks down the road. 
    • Lastly, consider ordering termite inspection if you don’t already have one – all critical steps towards keeping up on regular home upkeep!

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